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International Music School is a music education facility with established history and trust in music education and instruction. The school has 20 music teachers, each holding music degrees, ranging from B.A. to doctorate, and experienced in providing individualized instruction in music. Our philosophy and goal is to bring music into people's lives and to assist and guide in the process of learning music.

At International Music School

We believe the key to success in education is inspiration. No amount of training will be effective if an individual isn't inspired to learn.

About the Founder

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Loghman Adhami

CEO at International Music School
Logman Adhami was born in 1949. He began playing the violin at the age of seven and started composing at the age of 15. With a love of music in his heart he continued his music education. He received his B.A. in music from School of Arts in Tehran, and his M.S. from Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati, Ohio. Logman has composed and arranged many hit songs as well as published a violin solo album and violin and piano albums. Logman founded International Music School in Orange County in 1993 and has been teaching various international instruments for nearly 20 years. He has experience with beginners, advanced, the young and adult. He has implemented unique and various techniques for teaching violin.


About us

International Music School

We offer classes which explore music allowing opportunities for a more complete education in the world of music.