Who are we?

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International Music School is a music education facility with established history and trust in music education and instruction. The school has more than 20 music teachers, each holding music degrees, ranging from B.A. to doctorate, and experienced in providing individualized instruction in music. Our philosophy and goal is to bring music into people's lives and to assist and guide in the process of learning music. We hold a rich music library, with thousands of music recordings of various instruments, periods and styles as well as a large collection of sheet music. These resources are available to students at any time and can be effectively used to improve students understanding and comprehension of music. We, at International Music School, feel there is no substitute for the care and personalized attention available through one on one instruction. In no other way can one's individual strengths, needs, or particular goals be so effectively addressed.

From beginners through professionals we offer private and class instruction. Whether you'r just beginning or are a seasoned professional we're confident we can design a comfortable, yet challenging program that's just right for you.

  •  Certified, Friendly Teachers.
  •  Children to Adults, All Levels.
  •  First Lesson is Free.
  •  Classes Taylored to Your Abilities.

At International Music School we believe the key to success in education is inspiration. No amount of training will be effective if an individual isn't inspired to learn.


International Music School

We offer classes which explore music allowing opportunities for a more complete education in the world of music.