Drums and Percussion

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The drums provide an unmistakable rhythm that keeps music alive. Without the drums, songs become less appealing. In fact, along with the bass and guitar, drums help make up the foundation of every great band. When you enroll in our lessons, our professional drum instructors will teach you how to play the drums, how to tune your kit, how to read drum notes, and much more. From beginners through professionals we offer private and class instruction. Whether you'r just beginning or are a seasoned professional we're confident we can design a comfortable, yet challenging program that's just right for you.

At International Music School we believe the key to success in education is inspiration. No amount of training will be effective if an individual isn't inspired to learn.

Why Choose International Music School

  •  Certified, Friendly Teachers.
  •  Children to Adults, All Levels.
  •  First Lesson is Free.
  •  Classes Taylored to Your Abilities.

Some of Our Drum & Percussion Instructors

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David Aguiar is a professional performer, with experience in many styles, from rock, pop and jazz, to various latin styles, funk, reggae, and Brazilian music. He is friendly, patient, creative, and as passionate about teaching as he is about performing. His approach is based on the goals and abilities of each individual student. David holds his Bachelors in Music / Jazz Studies from San Jose State University. peace!

Drum Teacher

Brian Santner has been a percussion teacher in Southern California for the past 15 years. He attended Valencia High School in Placentia where be became the first student to ever be hired back as a full time percussion teacher. While teaching the Valencia percussion program they won numerous awards, including a placement in the drum line semi-finals in the Winter Guard International Circuit in 2001. Brian attended the Los Angeles Music Academy and has taught over 15 different institutions in a variety of percussion subjects.

Teaching private drum lessons has consistently been a large part of his career. He believes that teaching drum set, concert percussion and marching percussion is important for musical training; but also contributes heavily to fundamentals such as memorization, punctuality, personal responsibility, team work and many other important life skills.

Brian has played across the country professional in many different groups, including the Los Angeles Lakers pep band. He has also written and arranged percussion music professionally for 15 years. Brian has worked with music producers Barrett Yeretsian and Brian Carlstrom as well as Grammy-Award-Winning mastering artist Jon Vestman. Some of his teachers include Ralph Humphrey, Tom Float and Phil Mortensen. Brian looks forward to teaching each and every student at the International Music School!

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